zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Cookie Monsta

Some people think it’s random noise, but I absolutely love dubstep music. It’s a hype these days, but I have to admit I was also fairly late. After a party in early 2009 I fell in love with the basses, deep sounds and the energetic sets. This weekend a live show by Cookie Monsta (UK) endorsed my appreciation for the genre.  

If you like energetic shows, then it’d be your loss if you never go to a dubstep gig. Scratch that, if you never go to a Cookie Monsta gig. The evening started off good with DJ’s BeeVee and Spange Batta, but the crowd got more energetic once Subway’s Nicon entered the stage playing tracks as Doctor P’s ‘Sweet Shop‘ and Breakage’s ‘Higher’. But the show reached a climax once the anticipated Cookie Monsta started somewhere after 2AM. People moshing, a sold out venue, chocolate cookies on the bar (ha!), quality sound and of course a great collection of Cookie Monsta’s deep and filthy tracks.

It’s a good thing the energy was there from start to finish, but inside the hall it was way too hot halfway through the set. People went outside for some fresh air every now and then, because it felt like a sauna inside; also the reason some people in front of the stage got rid of their sweaty shirts. Not sure if that’s something to blame the venue or the energetic crowd for, but with some air-conditioning people wouldn’t miss parts of the show for getting some fresh air. But that’s splitting hairs.

Overall it was an amazing evening, with Cookie Monsta as undeniable highlight. He built towards a climax, the dj’s before him warmed up the crowd really good and after hours the music didn’t get repetitive or boring at all. Another big plus was the emcee, because normally I get frustrated by useless shout outs and random vocals. MC Brown Sugar shut his mouth at moments he didn’t need to talk and he hyped up the crowd at the right moments. Definitely a nice addition, while most hosts/emcees are pretty annoying.

Dubstep is a big hype these days, but that doesn’t mean you should give it the same label as the Twilight trilogy, Crocs or lame talent shows on tv. Hopefully people who judged it too soon because of the popularity give this genre a chance in the end. One thing is for sure: I like dubstep music as much as Cookie Monsta loves his cookies.

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